Meet Milo

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Posted by: MCI on Thursday, April 28, 2016
Meet Milo

At Miami Children’s Initiative, we believe that every child in Liberty City deserves a superhero! Yesterday, Albert Milo from The Related Group, a local real estate company who supports our community was a true superhero to a deserving young boy:

A word of thanks through the eyes of an advocate:

The student you met yesterday at our Community Space who was sharing his report card was reflecting on such a great personal accomplishment in his life.

This young man has a special place in my heart. He has struggled academically, socially, and emotionally through my 2 years of service at MCI. He lives next door to the Community Space, a place that is designed to be of assistance to both him and his community. The impact of the love and encouragement, consistent conversations, frequent teacher meetings, and constant exposure to what success can look like for him, has been difficult to measure.

Rewarding this young man is not a new concept for him. He has had opportunities for success through incentive programs, and consistent access daily to loving and caring adults within our agency. The impact this time was in the giving.

What he saw was a very important man (because he was being escorted on a tour through his neighborhood with Ms. Cecilia), who thought enough of his great accomplishment to reward him for it in a way he could appreciate immediately.

This young man saw first hand how hard work is appreciated and rewarded, and how working hard and doing the right thing can be a benefit in the real world. Your generosity and immediate act of kindness has helped reinforce real life lessons that we hope stick with him as he continues to learn the importance of hard work.

Bravo, Milo!

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