Over the Edge Winners Vincent and Suneliz

Posted by: MCI on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Congratulations to our Wed Over the Edge Winners Vincent and Suneliz! We can’t wait to throw this amazing family a beautiful and adventurous Wed Over the Edge wedding for them. 

Learn more about the couple:

Where did you grow up? Allapattah

A little bit about their journey as a couple. 
They both grew up in the Allaphatta area. Vincent was raised by his grandmother and he was influenced by older people from the streets that were not necessarily making good choices. The negative influences resulted in Vincent making some bad decisions and having some encounters with police. Suneliz had a baby as a young teen and the father of her first child was not around. When Suneliz and Vincent got together, he told her to go back to school. He left the street life so that he could support Suneliz while she went back to school to get her GED.

What is your greatest wish for the children as a couple?
Suneliz: “My greatest wish is for them to be successful in life and let nothing to take them off track from staying focused and on their goals. I want them to always know that they have loving parents that they can come to for guidance and love.

Vincent: “Education is a must in our household.”

Vincent: “Our support system in our house is to come home, do your chores and everything else they would like to do, they can. If you ask Daddy for anything, he’s going to do it for you.”

The couple reinforces the benefits of hard work and becoming successful by giving the children what they desire after they’ve completed homework and chores.

What is your greatest accomplishment:
Suenliz: Finishing highschool, and now beginning college, three years from now I’ll have my bachelors degree.”

Vincent: “I went from the street life to working a 9-5. I would like to go back to school when she’s done.”

Greatest goals as a couple?

Vincent & Suneliz: “Getting married and to get a house”

What makes you laugh?

Vincent & Suneliz: “Everything”

Do you have nicknames for each other?

“I call him Babe and Bolly”, Suneliz and I call her, “Honeybun” says Vincent

Favorite Foods:

Vincent eagerly responds, “Her favorite food is cesar salad, mussels and clams.”

Suneliz: “Pollo and salsa is chicken and sauce, spanish style with white rice.” He also likes pasta, specifically pink pasta

What do you love most about the other person:

Vincent: “Her cooking!”

Suneliz: “He’s big headed.”

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