Our Youth Development Program Celebrates Itís First Year!

Posted by: MCI on Friday, May 27, 2016
Youth Development Program

On May 25, 2016, MCI Youth Development celebrated the completion of their first year. The Youth Development program started in August 2015 under the leadership of Sarah Wright and Angela Permenter. Through this program students are academically supported, engaged in enriching activities (field trips and trainings) which focuses on life skills and the development of self. This celebration allowed students to reflect how far they have come and the changes they’ve made to set themselves on their own path to success. Students are now more expressively outspoken of their thoughts and emotions as it pertains to their development as well as strategic in plans for the community. The night started with great food from Olive Garden and an acknowledgement of self-improvements talk from our trainers Bro. Lyle and Bro. Al. We transitioned into Teen talk where students were able to learn about life hacks as well as address and discuss topics they care about in a segment titled: “Real talk”. The night end with certificates of participation from Commissioner Edmondson and Mayor Carlos Giménez.

This program, which costs $4000/student annually focuses on three key milestones:

  • Youth are succeeding in school from 8th grade to 12th grade.
  • Youth are graduating from high school.
  •  Youth are attending and graduating from college or a post-secondary institution.

If you want to support this important program, you can participate or donate to our Over The Edge fundraiser: https://www.classy.org/miami/events/over-edge-miami-2016/e42969

Here’s a sample of what our participants do each week:

Temptation activity: This helped put things in perspective for the teens. They struggled to get from one stepping stone (small plates) to the next without touching the floor at all. As they took a step forward they would read from the (small plate) how some of us deal or try to deal with temptation.

I Can’t imagine my life without……This was a moment for the teens to think internally and meditate on what it is in life that can’t Imagine living without.

The Financial Literacy - 3 Ways to Save: This topic was a hit!! The teens are so excited to know that there are a multitude of ways that they can save their money. They started pulling out their phones and taking pictures of the chart. I showed them how they can save anywhere from $667.95 to $5,000.00 within 1-year.

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