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Posted by: MCI on Wednesday, July 20, 2016
In The Zone: Humberto Amores

You can’t help but like Humberto when you first meet him. He is easy going and relaxed and radiates warmth and compassion. And then you find out that there is this inner geek beneath the skin – Humberto eats, lives and breaths computer game design! Humberto spends lots of time playing computer games, trying to come up with ideas about new games and how he can implement them to be more effective for learning. He is convinced that early education and training will better the journey to a successful career and wants to be a part of this ride. One of his biggest goals is to get involved with the community and createthe greatest educational computer games possible. His target market wilbe the younger generation. As he puts it: “Technology keeps advancing, we just need to find ways to integrate it into a more fun and easy way to learn.” Humberto volunteers his time at MCI’s afterschool program at Charles R. Drew and is often found on the computer at MCI’s community space.

What are your plans after high school?
 I plan on attending Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida. After I graduate, I will return to Liberty City with a Bachelor’s degree in game design. 

Besides video games, what else do you enjoy doing?
I love going to the movies and watching action and adventure movies. How can you make a difference in Liberty City? “I want to help people; it’s just what I do. If we focus on helping others, Liberty City will be a much better place to live.” 

Smiling, Humberto concludes: “We are all different people, we are all individuals with different tastes and likes, but we are all human. We need to make fiction a reality, and we need to remember that freedom has no color.

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