Liberty City Kids Day @ Crandon Park Golf Course in Key Biscayne

Posted by: MCI on Friday, July 29, 2016

Miami Children’s Initiative Kids Learn Tennis and Golf Skills

Key Biscayne Tennis Association (KBTA), Miami Children’s Initiative (MCI), Key Biscayne Community Foundation, and The Chief Press Foundation will collaborate with two leading sports training academies, Arraya Tennis Academy and Crandon Golf Academy to host 120 Liberty City Kids residing in MCI’s Impact Zone at Crandon Park Golf Course with a multi-sport fun day of tennis and golf.

The goal is to provide Liberty City’s children an incredible, inspirational experience that will enable them not only to learn new skills but to dream big.

Arraya Tennis Academy and Crandon Golf Academy have created an innovative tennis and golf program where they have combined industry leading development practices to offer kids an action-packed, fun-filled, highly intuitive, engaging and diverse program to enhance their athletic abilities and innate skills in both sports.

The popular program has the unique quality of being provided at one location, allowing students to move seamlessly between golf and tennis in a tranquil and safe environment, further attracting the participants to these wonderful life-sports.

Miami Children’s Initiative Kids Day will bring the children served in their Project Promise program (Year-round academic and enrichment program for 120 K-5 children) to spend a day at Crandon Park Golf Course and participate in the tennis and golf programs, learning from respected instructors and having a wonderful hands-on experience with tennis and golf.  The beautiful setting is offered at the Crandon Park Golf Course in Key Biscayne.

Please contact for additional information and support of KIDS DAY:
Jon Garito KBTA Facilities Manager and KBTA Board V. President
516 375 7204 | Email drjgarito@aol.com

Miami Children’s Initiative (Liberty City) Kids Day
Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Overview of the Day

The day will encompass an array of technical stroke elements and various skills in a game-like context in both the tennis and golf disciplines.


Introduction to the day

60 Participants Golf
60 participants tennis
Skills / Technique
Games and Points Based learning

Lunch at the KBTA Tennis Courts

Golf and Tennis Groups Switch


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