Meet Karonda Griffin

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Posted by: MCI on Friday, August 5, 2016
Meet Karonda Griffin

Karonda is the type of youth that many would be surprised is growing up in Liberty City. She’s creative, articulate, joyful and completely oblivious to any negativity around her.  She’s artistic, inquisitive and really special. Karonda is currently a junior at Miami Northwestern Senior High School and living in MCI’s Impact Zone.  
Here’s what she wants you to know.
What would you say about yourself?
“I would say that my creativity shines brighter than a star. I’m an  artist, and I love to draw anime. My lifelong dream is to travel to Japan to animate one of my favorite shows.”
Who inspires you?
“My family! My sister influenced me to draw. Almost everyone in  my family likes to draw.  I was only six when I started.  Drawing  is a family trade.”
What interested you about Miami Children’s Initiative Youth  Development Program?
“When I first heard about MCI, I was not sure I wanted to be part of it. I was really scared, and didn’t know anyone, but my mom insisted that I join. Now I am really glad I did.  I am more confident standing in front of a crowd.  It feels great! People actually listen to what I say. It was not that hard after all.”
How do you think we could change Liberty City?
“Start with one person and make a change…even when obstacles come your way.”
Tell me one word that describes you.
“I would say optimistic, but my mom would say outspoken.  She says I always speak what’s on my mind.”
What else do you want people to know? There is a great need for more love, peace and joy in the world.  
“I consider myself lucky. There are a lot of people out there, especially in Liberty City, that are in need. I know I have to study and work hard to be successful.  It’s really up to me to make something out of myself. And lastly, I know what a difference a simple conversation or lending a hand can make in the world because I experience it every day.”
Be it in Japan, China, Italy or here at home, we know that Karonda will be successful thanks to her persistence, intelligence, passion, and most of all, her talent. She is flourishing because she is the type of kid that is going to make it with the proper support and guidance. We at Miami Children’s  Initiative are so proud to play a role in such an incredible young woman.  We wish her much success in her future and hope that one day she can look back and remember where it all started.

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