Meet Kiandra Carter

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Posted by: MCI on Friday, August 5, 2016
Meet Kiandra Carter

Last week, we introduced you to Liberty City resident Mercedes. This week, we’d like you to meet her sister Kiandra. 

Kiandra is a kind and positive teenager whose dream is to become a doctor. She also hopes to drive a neon green Ferrari when she becomes established and successful.  Fasten your seatbelt!

After school, you can usually find Kiandra participating in MCI’s Youth Development Program at the MCI Community Space or volunteering at MCI’s Project Promise afterschool program at Charles R. Drew K-8 Center. You’ll see Kiandra strolling up and down the hallways with her headphones hanging on her shoulders  and holding the hands of little children with a big smile on her face as they move from one activity to another. She is one of our most dedicated volunteers!

Kiandra is quiet at first but opens up once you get to know her. She has an inquisitive mind and does not skip a beat.  Kiandra is currently a sophomore at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. Whenever possible, she spends time with her best friends Danielle and Iaisha who are also a part of MCI’s Youth Development Program and volunteer at MCI’s afterschool program.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
“My favorite childhood memory is going to the Miami Metro Zoo.  When I was little, learning all about the different animals and their habitats really intrigued me.”
What is your favorite class in school?
I am part of the YROTC Program at school. Sargeant Simpson is my role model.  I am learning about discipline and doing the right things for myself and my community.
Name something you like or dislike about Liberty City.
“The violence concerns me, we need to come together and help,  not hurt each other.”
Kiandra concludes by saying:
“I am just like many other kids in our neighborhood.  I like posting pictures on Instagram and getting comments from my friends.”

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