Meet Mercedes Young

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Posted by: MCI on Friday, August 5, 2016
Mercedes Young

Like many in Liberty City, Mercedes is guarded. But once you break the ice, what you will find is an easy going,  ambitious young woman with an infectious smile. We  recently sat down with Mercedes. The more she talked,  the more we wanted to get to know her.
Mercedes is a junior at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. She is one of many students who are a part of MCI’s Youth Development program. Singing and reading romance novels is how she spends her free time. Her Facebook profile has more than 4,000 friends! The girl is popular.
Mercedes lives at home with her mom, Nikita Young;  stepfather, Andre Carter; and sister, Kiandra Carter.
What is your favorite class?
“History” she says, with zero hesitation. The reason? Her teacher Troy Howard. “He’s the best because he takes his time to teach and cares about his students.” Who is your favorite singer?
“Fantasia Barrino! (American Idol winner), I love her style”. Mercedes admires Fantasia because of the similarities with her own life experiences. “The work and struggle suffered by Fantasia only proves that everyone is capable of achieving success and that inspires me.”
What do you like best about Liberty City?
“It’s people.” Mercedes spends a lot of time at MCI’s Community Space (a space for residents and youth to gather and access resources) – connecting with other youth and reading to young children in the neighborhood.
What is your school/career goal?
“To be a recording artist and a registered nurse”, she says. Mercedes is already taking classes at Miami Dade College as a dual-enrollment student. She is well on her way to her career.
What would you change in Liberty City?
“it’s reputation is what I want to change most about my community”. Mercedes is concerned about how Liberty City is portrayed; she wishes the focus was on the good people of Liberty City and all the good things in the neighborhood.
What else do you want to share?
Mercedes misses her aunt who passed away over a year ago, someone who was very special to her. We extend our condolences and hope she feels the embrace of an entire community routing for her.

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