Meet Miracle Henry

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Posted by: MCI on Friday, August 5, 2016
Meet Miracle Henry

We do it everyday!
Miracle is a four year old powerhouse growing up in Liberty City!  She attends MCI’s Pre-K after school program at Charles R. Drew K-8th Center. Her laughter and the playful ways she engages with life, just makes you feel better. Miracle’s intellectual curiousity and confidence has everyone imagining the incredible impact she will have in our community.    

What would you like to be when you grow up?
“I want to be big like my brother.”
What do you enjoy doing here at the Pre-K program?
“I like to play and draw. I like to play outside with my friends.”
What would you like to get for Christmas?
“I want a horse” she says, “a white horse!”  
Do you have any brothers or sister?
“I have a big brother, his name is Lodondrick Brown.”
Interviewer’s Note…
Just as I was about to continue asking her questions, Miracle turned around and started playing with a ball. Her name befits her. I am privileged to be part of MCI’s Pre-K Program, I met Miracle and immediately felt a connection. She is so innocent, smart and playful. When you look at her, she seems distracted but don’t be fooled, she is paying attention to everything.  Everyday, I look forward to seeing and spending time with her. I thought I was to be teaching her, instead, she is the one teaching me.
— Anthony Rodriguez, Public Allies Intern      
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