Project Promise - Gingerbread Activity

Posted by: MCI Staff on Monday, January 30, 2017
Gingerbread Activity

On January our Project Promise students participated in a Gingerbread Activity. This social skills activity was fun and informative.

Create a Gingerbread Man Paper Chain

  • cut off the bottom side of a grocery bag , open the bag up and make as many accordion folds as possible, making sure that the folds are about a quarter inch less than the width of the template.
  • Have your child trace the template on the top fold of the paper bag.
  • cut along the lines, being careful that the gingerbread man’s hands remain connected.
  • It should create a chain of six gingerbread men to decorate!
  • use the correction fluid to make small zigzag patterns for the sleeves and pants, glue on green and red buttons to the gingerbread man's chest and ribbon to fit the gingerbread man’s waist and glue it on, draw eyes and a mouth.


Once you have completed the men and they are decorated have a discussion about friendship and how your men are in a friendship circle.

Put up a word wall with all of the attributes that it takes to be a good friend.  From the list have the student assign 1 – 2 characteristics to each gingerbread man and write a sentence about how this gingerbread man shows these characteristics to his friends.

Project Promise Gingerbread Activity

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