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Together we can create a change in Liberty City and help end the cycle of poverty in our neighborhood. Help us reach more children, families in our community.

With your help, we can continue building a continuum of solutions, with great intentionality, for Liberty City’s children and families. 

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Donate to the Miami Children's Imperative

There are more than 17,000 children and teens living in Liberty City who deserve the best opportunity to live up to their fullest potential. Your donation supports programs that have proven to help disadvantaged children launch brighter futures and break the cycle of poverty.

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Volunteer With MCI

Volunteers play an important role at MCI. From reading to our students on Character Day to serving food at our holiday celebrations to welcoming  our students at our Red Carpet Back to School event, our volunteers help us to better serve our Liberty City Community.

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Schedule a Day of Service

Are you an organizing, corporation, hospital or church who’s heart is all about community building, engagement and philanthropy? MCI is the organization that you want to team up with.

We will design community beautification projects &  integrate you into our academic programs  based on our community needs.

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Schedule a Tour of MCI's Impact Zone

To truly understand the challenges the children and families in Liberty City, you need to experience it firsthand. We provide tours of MCI's Impact Zone on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment. Come visit us and see how the work we are doing is changing the lives of our families.

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Become a MCI Partner

Our partners help us to provide critical service and supports in Liberty City beginning with the youngest to the eldest child in the neighborhood. These key collaborations allow us to address the academic, social and emotional needs of our children and families.

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