Student Advocates

Student advocates work with children, young adults, and families to develop and review the student’s success plan, which includes personal goals, family goals, college readiness, and career exploration. In addition to providing one-on-one academic assistance and addressing social-emotional development in small groups, Student Advocates are responsible for advocating for the student’s best interest when interacting with school-level staff, parents/guardians, and outside agencies. Student Advocates will work part-time with a caseload of no more than 15 families. Face to face contact will occur at a minimum weekly. 

The MCI Student Advocate also:

  • provides each participant with academic and social support through one-on-one instruction and content-specific tutoring or test preparation.
  • links families to services that improve family functioning, increase child social and emotional learning, and reduce barriers to family support services.  Typical referrals will include placement in partner early learning centers, parent enrollment in child development and parenting classes, and concrete assistance.
  • serve as mentors to the family and child, serving as a positive connection to the community as a whole.
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