Growing Learners

Growing Learners is a program dedicated to children 3 -5 years old. Developed and supported by Miami-Dade Public Schools and MCI, it began in Charles R. Drew Elementary School. The program has as its goal to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten through exposure to an enriched curriculum that addresses social, emotional, cognitive and literacy development. Through daily experiences that provide fun in learning through a play-oriented curriculum, children have had the exposure to fun-filled experiences in the community and at school that has helped integrate skills across the curriculum with field trips, music and art and classroom work.

Paramount to this learning has been the inclusion of parents in activities of fun and learning with their children, thus building more positive family relationships and integrating parents into their child’s school experience at an early age. This program provides both a summer camp and an afterschool experience with preschoolers that include physical activities and sports, music, and art with a learning environment to give the children extra help with literacy and other academic skills. Our Future plan is to continue the after-school activities, as well as the summer enrichment program, will be expanded to all of the elementary schools in Liberty City, thus providing all 3 -5-year olds in Liberty City with learning opportunities and experiences otherwise not available to this population.

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Key Components of Growing Learners:

  • 1

    Year-round program for children 

  • 2

    Certified teachers

  • 3

    Student Advocates

  • 4

    Parent Engagement

  • 5

    Curriculum developed in partnership with M-DCPS

  • 6

    Academics, Arts, Social Development, Field Trips and exploration

  • 7

    Pre and Post Assessments

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