Healthy Liberty City

Healthy Liberty City is our comprehensive Health and Wellness Program to promote the physical and emotional health of Liberty City’s children and families. Compared to other communities in Miami-Dade County, Liberty City residents have historically experienced greater prevalence of health issues such as asthma, obesity and diet-related diseases; as well as physical inactivity, poor dietary habits, and psycho-social stressors. These prominent health issues are the result of limited access to healthy, affordable food options, absence of a built environment suitable for physical activity, and lastly, lack of social support in the community to cope with the daily stressors associated with an overall low socioeconomic status.

Healthy Liberty City programs include:

  • 1

    Liberty City Fresh Food Co-Op

  • 2

    Family Healthy Cooking Lessons

  • 3

    Physical Activity: UFIT Gym and Bikeshare Program

  • 4

    Community Gardens

  • 5

    Nutritext: weekly text message touch points with families to encourage healthy habits. 

  • 6

    After-school Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Education

  • 7

    Measuring Children’s Health Data


Sorry...there are currently no events listed.

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