Miami Children's Team: Shawonda  Dean

Shawonda Dean


Born and raised in Miami Dade County (liberty city) and currently still residing and raising my very own teenagers in high school. I am a big believer in helping in the community where I was born and raised in there is so much untapped potential here. I believe in the work that MCI is doing, I have been a part of it numerous times and witness it prosper. I am here to squash any preconceived notions on what outsiders think liberty is. I am on the ground floor of the good, the bad and the ugly. It is important that as a parent I connect with other parents to help educate and get buy in on what we are about to help this seed grow. I currently work in the housing industry for the Miami Dade choice voucher program contracted through Nan McKay and Associates as a Call Center Supervisor. I hope to continue to grow to continue to be a part of investing in our children and families so that we can see a powerful change that will sustain us as a community that will impact the world.  I am, you are, we are liberty city!

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