Who We Are

Miami Children's Initiative (MCI) is a 501 C(3) nonprofit organization focused on breaking a cycle of poverty in Liberty City, a Miami neighborhood with a per capita income lower than 97% of U.S. neighborhoods.

In partnership with Liberty City’s residents, youth, religious centers, schools, businesses and non-profit organizations, we seek to address the needs of our community by investing in our children. Miami Children’s Initiative and its partners are making bold moves to transform the lives of the children and families in our community by providing a unified system of support, education and care that begins before birth through college and career. MCI believes that Liberty City’s strength lies in the undeveloped potential of its youth and that through focused strategic work the potential of each child can be unleashed.

Our Focus

Our Vision

The Miami Children’s Initiative works toward a prosperous Liberty City by transforming the lives of children (most especially in the early learning years where the return on investment is highest) and working to help families obtain the resources they need to grow strong and achieving children.

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Our Mission

To create a community-based network that develops, coordinates and provides quality education, accessible health care, youth development programs, health and nutrition supports, opportunities for employment and safe neighborhoods for the children and families in Liberty City

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Our Core Competencies

1. Convening the community, and coordinating resources and services.
2. Building the capacity of people and institutions to increase the community's assets.
3. Creating sustainable solutions – with a special focus on investing in high-quality early childhood care, development and education.

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Our Values

Persistent Commitment

When communities make a commitment to help a child or family, they embrace stability and permanence as fundamental rights.

Child Centered

Services and supports are provided in the best interest of the child to ensure that the child's needs (physical, mental, educational, spiritual, safety and permanence) are being met.


The child is viewed as a part of the whole family system, and services and supports are based on the strengths and needs of the entire family.

Safety (Child, Family, and Community)

Services and supports are developed to best ensure the safety of the child, family, and community.

Individualized and Culturally Competent

“Individualized” services and supports are tailored to the unique culture, strengths, and needs of each child and family.

Strength Based

The strengths of the child, family, and community are assessed, noted, appreciated, and reflected in the design of interventions and supports.

Family, Youth, and Professional Partnership

Family and youth knowledge of what is needed in systems and what will work for them and other families and youth is sought and utilized.

Collaboration and Community Support

Collaboration between agencies, schools, community resources (e.g., service organizations, churches, and businesses) and families is the best way to build effective services and supports for individuals/families with complex needs.

Social Networks and Informal Supports

People are supported through community and family social networks and informal community resources.

Outcome Based and Cost Responsible

Plans for children and families have clear outcomes that guide services and supports to transition and completion.

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